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Colour Matching Service

Our aerosols can be tinted to over 72,000 colours. With the help of our colour matching machine, we can take a small sample with your desired colour and match it to provide you with an aerosol or aerosols the same colour as your sample.

Get in touch to arrange your colour match 01902 710057

Your Very Own Branded Aerosols

If you're interested in starting your range of own branded Aerosols and offering your customers one of the best products on the market, then look no further and read on!

Firstly, they are customizable. Work closely with our in house team, allowing you to choose the colour and labeling to match your brand or specific needs.

Furthermore, they are easy to use and provide a precise application, making them perfect for both personal and professional use. Lastly, our custom aerosols are made with as low VOC's as possible in an attempt to reduce the carbon footprint of the product. Overall, a perfect solution for a high-quality, customizable aerosol product with low MOQ as x500 units.

Pricing starts at £2.33 + Vat per unit with a 6-10 week lead time.

Email us at or call on 01902 429190 to find out more.

  • Send Us A Sample

    Post or drop off a sample of the colour you'd like to match or replicatate. It can be a blob of an existing paint, or the fuel filler cap of a vehicle you're coating.

  • Our Team Will Scan & Match the Colour.

    Using our photospectrometer - up to 72,000 colours and shades can be made in our Aerosols. Both Gloss and satin finishes are availble

  • We Deliver Your New Custom Tinted Aerosols!

    Choose how many bespoke aerosols you require in your matched colour and we'll manufacture them for you within 3 working days!

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