The Process Of Picking a Colour

The Process Of Picking a Colour


Can’t decide on a colour? Whether you’re decorating your home or painting plant pots we can help you choose the right colour. You can find inspiration anywhere – even in your own home. The colour process shouldn’t be difficult to decide. 

If you’re looking for bright colours, you could always take inspiration from natural beauty such as flowers from your home or your garden. We aim to colour match your product and will help you choose the perfect colour. The photo above has some beautiful bright and different colours which would be great to create a bold statement in your home.

As we can colour match, we can either create your colour as a brush applied paint or in one of our custom aerosol cans. Aerosols are great for spraying items as they are ready to use and require no mixing before using. They're are also ideal for spraying things such as door handles due to their small size and shape. If you have a larger surface area to cover we can also provide brush applied paints mixed to your chosen colour and you can always use an aerosol for the touch up parts.

Our custom filled paint aerosols can be manufactured in a wide range of colour fans which include; Ral, British Standard, Imagine, NCS, Farrow & Ball, Little Greene and even Benjamin Moore!

If you’re still struggling to choose which colour to go for you can always pop into us and take a look at our official colour charts. We also have them on our website, but we must advise that a colour that is on a screen is not a true representation of actual colours. Colours on screen can change due a number of reasons, such a brightness, resolution and picture quality. This is why we always suggest if you’re unsure you can either send us a sample to colour match or choose a colour of an official chart.

Please let us know if you need any help with choosing a colour and one of our colour technicians will get an accurate match for you. Alternatively get in touch to or WhatsApp: 07568028307

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