Best Aerosols for Fencing Companies!

Best Aerosols for Fencing Companies!

We offer a huge range of aerosols at extremely competitive prices.

To save you the hassle we have comprised a list of the top 5 aerosols for those of you working in the fencing industry. This list will cover quality, price and finish with an overall round-up of the product's key features. Get in touch if you would like any more information about any of the products mentioned.


1. Rust-Oleum Hard Hat 2100

We can't make this list without mentioning the most common aerosol used in the fencing industry. This aerosol is packed with technology making it the number #1 industrial paint aerosol. Some of its key features include better opacity and quick drying times. Rust-Oleum claim that just one aerosol is equivalent to 2-3 of their competitor's aerosols. We can see why it is so popular! 


2. ProXL Acrylic Topcoat

ProXL have been entering the market with new products to compete with Rust-Oleum. This product is lower priced with some very respectable features. Not only are its gloss levels very good but it also has good UV resistance. As this is cheaper than the Hard Hat it may be worth trying these out to see if they can reduce your costs.

3. Andrews Custom Aerosol

Our Andrews Aerosols are packed with high-quality paint. They are versatile as we can tint to over 72,000 colours. We know we will have the colour you need. Not only this but the more you buy- the cheaper they become. These are even more customisable as you get to choose your sheen level- satin or gloss.

Zinc Sprays

We know that zinc sprays are essential in the fencing industry. We have the two most popular zinc sprays available at the lowest price possible. Another two big players competing again with Rust-Oleum and ProXL being our chosen 2 zinc sprays of choice.

Rust-Oleum Galva Plus 2120

2120 has been a staple for fencing companies for years. It is fast drying zinc/aluminium coating that contains both in pure form. This aerosol gives off a gloss appearance. It is perfect for touch-up work on galvanized steel.

ProXL Zinc Rich Primer

A slightly cheaper version of Rust-Oleum's 2120 has been created by ProXL. However cheap doesn't necessarily mean that it isn't as good. This spray packs in a lot of astounding features. It has a high zinc content of 90% as well as 1000 hours of salt spray resistance in one 500ml can. You can see why it made this list.


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