Upcycling Old Furniture

Upcycling your old furniture

Upcycling old furniture is not only eco-friendly, but also budget-friendly and adds a unique touch to your home decor. Using aerosol paint is a great way to upcycle furniture as it is quick, easy, and provides a smooth and even finish. Here are the benefits of using aerosol paint for upcycling old furniture and how to prepare the furniture for painting.

Benefits of using aerosol paint for upcycling:

  1. Easy to use: Aerosol paint is quick and easy to use, and eliminates the need for brushes, rollers, and messy clean-up.
  2. Even coverage: Aerosol paint provides a smooth and even coverage, ensuring that your furniture looks great after painting.
  3. No brush marks: With aerosol paint, you can avoid unsightly brush marks that can often be left behind with traditional paint methods.
  4. Versatile: Aerosol paint is available in a wide range of colors and finishes, so you can choose the perfect color and finish for your furniture.

How to prepare furniture for painting:

  1. Clean: Clean the surface of the furniture thoroughly to remove dirt, dust, and oils. This can be done using methylated spirits and a microfiber cloth. Allow the solvent to evaporate (20 mins) fully prior to painting.
  2. Sand: Sand down the surface of the furniture to create a smooth surface for the paint to adhere to. Ensure to remove any varnish or wood stains before attempting to spray. If not, the paint will have weak adhesion and be prone to scratching and knocking.
  3. Tape: Use painters tape to cover areas that you don’t want painted, such as handles or hardware. Also ensure to cover the floor you're working around, as overspray can 
  4. Prime: Apply a primer to the furniture to create a stable base for the paint to adhere to and to help the paint last longer. Depending on the surface will depend on the primer. Well adhered previously painted surfaces will require a Surface Primer. If you're painting something like laminate, glass or plastic you'll require the Ultimate Grip Adhesion Primer 
  5. Topcoat: Finally, apply your topcoat in what ever colour and finish you desire. The proof is in the prep work! So long as you've cleaned, sanded and prepped the surface you're painting well enough, the topcoat paint will be the easy part.

In conclusion, upcycling old furniture with aerosol paint is a great way to give your furniture a new lease on life. By following the steps above to prepare your furniture properly, you can ensure that your upcycling project is a success and that your furniture looks great for years to come.

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