Top Selling Aerosols - November 2022

Top Selling Aerosols - November 2022

Aerosols come in a variety of types and have different purposes. It's quick and easy to use an aerosol, and it ensures a longer-lasting coating by preparing the material well. Anti-rust primers are helpful in preventing surfaces from rusting/further rusting. Below we have listed our top 3 Aerosols of the month. 

Using Rust-Oleum Anti-rust Priming Aerosols, you can prevent further rusting on either new or slightly rusted surfaces. In areas of light industrial exposure, these aerosols are excellent. These aerosols work by penetrating deeply into the surface of the substrate and can be used for bare steel.

Usage onto bare, rust free metal and zinc plated surfaces like galvanised, you could opt for the PRO XL industrial Alu Zinc Primer. These aerosols are used as they are hard wearing and resistant to petrol chemicals and external elements. The Pro XL Alu Zinc aerosol is also heat resistant up to 250°C. Can also be used as an excellent repair system for new galvanising.

Finally, another problem solving aerosol is the Leakseal spray which when living in the UK can be quite useful with the amount of monsoon rain we get in the middle of July. Leakseal can be used to seal cracks and leaks and has a watertight semi smooth finish. Leakseal is most commonly used on gutters and down pipes as these can be susceptible to leakage.

Over the course of November - these were on the podium as our top selling Aerosols. Please contact us on 01902 710057 and one of our technical advisors will be happy to assist.

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